Tuesday, September 26

France and manga

Asterix under attack from Japan

France, the home of comic book hero Asterix, is now falling prey to a new and foreign art form - Japanese manga comics.Manga comics - only introduced in 1989 - now make up 30% of the country's comic book market.Their appeal has grown massively by word of mouth and the appeal they have for young people.

"With manga we suddenly discovered there are thousands of stories of artists that we didn't know, and that's extraordinary," Manga expert Julien Bastide, of Anime Land magazine, told BBC World Service's The World Today programme.

"You open the door and there is all this for 100 years, so that's why I am interested in manga, because we don't know anything about manga yet."

I found this article to be interesting, since I did not regularly looked for impact of manga and anime on Europe. France has been traditional place where some world famous meme and language expression originated hence my specific interest when these 2 highly vibrant meme meet.

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