Sunday, October 8

A for Anime, M for Manga

The terms Manga and Anime may sound Greek to regular Nepali citizens, even to the khalasis of local buses adorning the words in big bold metallic letters. To those who actually understand the lingo, it actually means Japanese comics and animation. With large headed, big eyed and pointy nosed characters being its most distinguishing characteristics, Manga and anime are in a totally different league than the regular comics and cartoons one can find.

This Nepali full article can be seen here.

Another generic article talking about anime from another corner of the world, Nepal. It still amazes me how universal anime popularity can be in this aspect. I do wonder however if their anme is as up to date as rest of developed world, for example do many of Nepali knew about Haruhi? I wonder if anyone can use this as yardstick of differences between developed nations and non developed nations.

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