Tuesday, November 28


The ever famous female only manga group, unleashed titles like Tsubasa Chornicles, X and Chobits on the world. In this NY Times article below, it summarizes the popularity of CLAMP and why it is considered as major force to be reckoned with in manga/anime world in large. Personally, I felt their best work is xxxHOLIC which I was constantly intrigued by the story quirkyness. However CLAMP tend to "overemotionalize" male leads which can be trying on nerves.

Now their work is gaining more and more recognition in USA, perhaps staying around for long, long time to beguile anime viewers with more interesting stories that is can be described as typical CLAMP.

I am looking forward torwards their next thing as long the leading character is not too angsty driven to the max.

NY Times article on CLAMP.

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