Thursday, December 28

History of Super Sentai Series

I recognize some of the series shown here but I have no idea it is very prolific and so many I never seen before. A lot of them looked better than Power Rangers.

Just like super robot series, this video brings nostalgic memories for me. Part of me that will never go away.


Shura said...

Ah, sentai. The 1980's were the golden age for sentai. Shows like Bioman and Liveman were some of the best examples of Japanese heroism and teamwork. Stories back then had good amounts of drama and comedy, nowadays too much of the comedy is stressed. Sometimes the members of the team didn't always agree with each other, or even get along. But what truly made sentai in the 80's something worth watching was the interpersonal dynamics of the team members and the villains they faced. Fiveman and Jetman (shown in the early 90's) were the last remnants of this generation's contributions to tokustatsu. Whether it was the witty Yuuma from Changeman or the bad-ass Gai from Jetman, fans loved the actors who played their charaters whole-heartedly. We gotta have more shows like this again.

Stormy001 said...


I do wonder if current sentai series emphasize more on looks or story though. My feeling is they go for more whizzbang and looks, instead of making a good story that actually makes sense to audience and sympathetic villian.

Too many shows have cookie cutter villian. I do wish more complex and deep characterization for villians in general.

Shura said...

I agree with your assessment. Too much of sentai and other tokusatsu series focus too much on surface details rather than theme, plot, characterization, allegory, mood, etc. Lots of fluff and no substance seems to be the norm nowadays. There's still a lot of good series out there, but they're usually overshadowed by the more "hyped-up" stuff that's being aggressively marketed.