Wednesday, January 10

Animatrix Second Renaissance Part II

This images will forever burnt into my mind. Horrific yet appropiate, considering the foolishness of mankind and machine's single mindedness to exist.


Shura said...

Had the movies focused more on ideological and sociological studies and less action regarding the Cartesian "reality" of the Matrix, I could've respected it. Pre-1990's science fiction usually explored the fallacies and intricacies of humanity and the science that shapes their lives. Unfortunately, what we got instead was simply a standard cliche of Hollywood "sci-fi" films. The Second Renaissance was far more compelling to watch than Neo's pseudo-wuxia battles against Agent Smith.

Stormy001 said...

Well, the first Matrix is great, I liked it a lot for deep discussions of what is reality in its story but the sequels are less than impressive, vis-a-vis to early work.

What went wrong with sequels are it felt like it is patched on instead of one continous story, something Lord of the Rings did very well. The second movie is really disjointed and some moments in it really felt it is trying to crawl out from the screen and beat the intellect crap of most audiences, especially the scene with the Architect.

The 2nd Renaissance is great because it is simplicity and compact, leave nothing wishy washy in its impact.

Shura said...

The first movie I admit if it was just by itself would've been fine. But the other two just made me lose interest in the entire trilogy. What I appreciated in Second Renaissance was its straight-forward pacing about the progression and world design that was introduced in the movies. The trial of B166ER reminded me a lot of that Outer Limits episode (both the 1964 and 1995 versions) "I, Robot" which was based on Eando Binder's short story about whether or not a robot should be put on trial for killing its designer rather than be destroyed outright.

Anonymous said...

think about "waking up" when watching the first one.

Matrix- the whole trilogy gave me a huge perspective on life and realtiy. it got me thinking a lot about duality.

Anonymous said...

They weren't originnaly going to make the the triolgy as the producers did not think it would be as popular as it was. so they designed the first to be almost the whole story.