Thursday, January 4

Old look into past, Zone of Enders.

My fave mecha game for PS2, I also loved the intro and sheer music accompanying this work. It is shame that however, there is limited plot they can use for Zone of Enders franchise, it is always about 2 machines built on mysterious power of minerals that amplifies the pilots personality and will plus a human-like combat AI in the machines.

I place this in my blog as my tribute to this fine work of art.


Anonymous said...

Man, I almost forgot about this game. I loved ZOE2 since you can finally face off against Anubis and reveal Jehuty's true power. I hope Hideo Kojima does a third installment. Zero Shift rules.

Unknown said...

Third installment?

I am not too sure how ZOE universe can expanded further than it is now.

That's how I see it, since the story already reached it's nadir and it is difficult to see how the story can be expanded anymore now.