Sunday, April 22

Gundou Musashi

This anime is legendary for its bad quality and cheesy story. The thing is, the work is done in 2006. Holy crap it is bad. This video should convince anyone how bad it is. It is so bad it is funny, and some people watching it for that value. Satire? Serious? I don't know. One thing I knew, that I will never touch it.

Info on the series

Hint: A samurai have a Colt Six Shooter in medieval era Japan, fighting demons.


TheBigN said...

"It is so bad it is funny"

Pretty much. And that's why it's watchable to me. :P

Faye said...

Just stumbled on your blog and wanted to tell you I think it's awesome, and I'll definitely be coming back!

Stormy001 said...

Yeah Big N, I know. I so tempted to watch it but I also want to spare my brain cells of premature death, you see. :P

By the way, want to link each other?

Stormy001 said...

Thanks, Faye.

TheBigN said...

Why not?