Saturday, January 19

A bit outdated, but interesting look at Japanese female anime fan choice

Top 9 Comic Magazines on 'Female Readers' Favorites' in Japan

Weekly Jump became the number one comic magazine on the "Japan's Female Readers' Favorites" list, according to Orikon Style, which conducted an anonymous questionnaire covering a total of 2,933 individuals that included readers and members of the Orikon Research Panel. The statistics show that the top 3 comic magazines are Weekly Jump, Monthly Cookie, and Margaret (additional volume). People pointed to its beautiful drawings and fascinating stories as the reason they selected Weekly Jump as their favorite. With an increase in its female readers, the era of Weekly Jump's dominance is far from an end.

Top 9 Comic Magazine of Female Readers' Favorites

Rank / Name of the Comic Magazine

1. Weekly Jump
2. Monthly Cookie
3. Margaret (additional volume)
4. Hana to Yume
5. Shoujyo Comic
6. Weekly Magazine
7. Lala
8. Kiss
9. Chorus / Desert

**Reference: Orikon Style March 29th, 2006


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