Sunday, January 27

Claymore anime, my last thoughts

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...this is sort of conclusion to this earlier, more supportive post

Well, I will sum it up in few words. The anime episodes from 1 to 22 is Grade A anime but the rest ruins it a lot. I have no idea that ending was so botched up and totally destroyed the anime's point of existence that is Claire's revenge for Theresa of Faint Smile.

So the equation looks like this to me

Ep 1-22 FTW Anime
Ep 23-26 WTF Anime

There is good reason why Claire willing to shed her humanity to look for the killer.It is hard to imagine her vengeance can be undone by few words in the end, let Priscilla go scott free. Just did not make sense.

Pacifism is good but not to the point sacrificing reason to be. I don't know why Japanese liked pacifist ending so much. And I have to concur that Raki despite my defense of him, he totally ruined the anime with her cliched speech to Claire in the end.

But oh well the manga is going strong with return of Galatea.

She still kicking despite being blind. Now the story focused on her efforts to defend the city from another Awakened Being, Agartha.

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