Wednesday, April 9

Ugh. Distasteful

Hot Anime Nazi Chicks Coming To PS2/PSP

We honestly don't know what kind of drugs are required to come up with certain Japanese video games, but they must be smokin' some weird stuff over there in the land of the Rising Sun. Here's a good example- ever want to play a game featuring Nazi bikini chicks? No, we're not kidding.

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I honestly disgusted with this rape of history. People fought and die in this war and these game designers making mockery out of it in interest of earning money by appealing to military otakus.

I mean they have this pic, for fuck sake.

What is this suppose to mean? How World War 2 is moe? WHAT THE HELL?!

I have to give this game a massive thumbs down for disrespecting history and sacrifices people have to give so the world have 60 years of global peace now.

Sigh, there is limit of what things can be moe.

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over_9k said...

That's some botty language right there.