Tuesday, May 13

A discussion on anime and Mac Donalds.

Kiyomitsu YUI

The base for the Anime industry is the Manga industry in Japan. In 1995, Manga accounted for 40 % of the entire number of publications in circulation in Japan including journals and books.

And the all the weekly comic Journals within the top 10 circulation have more than a million circulations. In 1996, seventy--five million dollars worth of Japanese Manga and Anime were exported to the USA (Iwabuchi, Koichi, 2001, p.35 ).

In 2001, more than 100 TV animation programs were broadcasted in Japan. Doraemon and Sazaesan have been on the air for some 30 years. In the entire world market, it is said that the share of Japanese Anime amounts to can be 60 %, with a whole scale
market value of approximately one thousand billion yen. In August 1996, the
Journal of American Billboard Ranking announced that No.1 selling video in
America was a Japanese Anime entitled “Ghost in the Shell”.

The PDF can be accessed here.

If you are curious what I do mean by McDonalds and Anime, read this discussion.


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