Wednesday, July 16

Blade of Immortal Anime 1st Impressions.

Blade of the Immortal anime? Oh god, it is bad. As expected, the soundtrack did not match the feel, way too much talking too. The scene pacing is not fast and furious, it felt forced and the characters have to tell the story, not showing it. For brutal and swift chambara story, the creators tried too hard by infusing way too much dialogue which slows the anime pacing.

Fail, fail, fail. Massive thumb down from me.

I will stick to manga. Sigh. They just have to rape the fine series. Assholes.


Anonymous said...

Harsh... very harsh.
I have to agree that it is a letdown. Expectations were high. Probably too high.

Stormy001 said...

I am very angry because the manga is a masterpiece and the author did expressed his misgivings about anime adaptation.

Not helping when Bee Train doing it.

I can go on ranting about it.