Monday, July 14

Doraemon doing charity work in Thailand

Japan's ''anime ambassador'' Doraemon brought toys, snacks and plenty of smiles for orphaned and disabled children in five homes in Pak Kret district yesterday. The cartoon cat is on a two-day visit to Thailand, which ends today. This is his second overseas trip since he was made anime ambassador by the Japanese Foreign Ministry in March.

Some 150 children were thrilled to come face to face with the robotic cat, who travels back in time from the 22nd century with cool gadgets popping up from his belly pocket.

Doraemon has been a household favourite for decades. He began his adventure on the comic book shelves in 1969, before featuring in his own televised cartoon series.

At Pakkred Babies' Home, Doraemon opened his two-hour visit by introducing himself in Thai.

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I do live to the day where an anime character spearheading Japan's effort to be more friendly to the rest of the world. Guess my life is kinda complete. Hehehe

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