Saturday, December 6

Lucky Star manga and stupidity

As much as I hate the series, this is really dumb and wasteful act in my opinion. Burning it won't make it go away, stupid.

This is what I think:


imc84 said...

hi. I've came here for the first time. I'm just really wondering burning lucky star manga is what you did. because a blogger linked here and blamed the book burning.

namely, I followed the link and I'm asking you this burning picture is by you, or not. actually I think the blogger who linked here was a little misunderstanding. I'm not sure what you are the person did book burning.

Stormy001 said...

Not me, I found this picture in anonymous image board 4 chan. I will never burn my books because if I don't like the subject, I won't bother to buy the book in 1st place.

Personally I don't like book burning as it is wasteful and trees are precious commodity. As much I don't like the Lucky Star, I think this act is unnecessary.

Hope this clears any misunderstandings.

imc84 said...

oh, as expected. I wanna tell you the guy who blamed you(exactly your photo posted) has removed his post.

cause I paraphrased and commented the text you posted, he might realize what he was in a little confusing. that's all.

It seems to be no more misunderstanding... have a nice day.

Stormy001 said...

Thank you.