Monday, February 23

Summer Wars (2009) /サマーウォーズ

New movie from director who gave the world "The Girl who Leaps Thru Time" Hosoda Mamoru, so far there is sparse information on it. All I knew is the movie employ same scriptwriter from Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and the story is all about a girl who went vacationing in countryside after invited by her crush, while being there is "big" war happens to pass by.

There is not even a preview available for it.


Animated by Madhouse(YES!), character design by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (the EVA guy).


razrig said...

Summer war?.. er "Big War"?.. never see "The Girl who Leaps Thru Time" before lolz...

Stormy001 said...

Well then, watch the movie. It is pretty good, live up to its buzz.