Wednesday, March 18

Catwalk, Miss Roboto?

She introduced herself as “cybernetic human HRP-4C” at her first press conference, and charmed her audience just as any supermodel would. She smiled, struck seductive poses, and even made mistakes that her inventors attributed to nerves. Except that this head-turner is a fashion-bot, and she’ll make her catwalk debut in Tokyo on March 23.

Oh, there is always first time for everything and frankly speaking this kinda worries me. Where is humanity's place will be, if such idiosyncratic field like fashion catwalk dominated by robots like her/it? The fact I address the conception as "her" besides "it" is indicative of increasing blur between machine and person.

Damn Asimov. By the way, is this considered "moe"?


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Czero said...

Moe? Ewwwwwwwwww