Friday, March 27

Crunchy Roll rolling and rolling....

U.S. anime and social networking site Crunchyroll has ordered up a whole new wave of streaming animated imports.

What's new on horizon for CR...

* Black Jack, Osama Tezuka story of super surgeon.

* Fuji Creative Corp. anime titles such as Glass Maiden and Cat Man.

* Reborn!, based on the Akira Amano manga, from d-rights Inc.

* Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. partnership, for 30 complete K-Drama series.

* TV Tokyo Corp: Mainichi Kaasan, Saki – The Player and cat lover's heaven Chi’s Sweet Home, along with the continued simulcast of Naruto Shippuden (ugh), Gintama and Shugo Chara.

* GONZO latest anime offering, Shangri-La.

This entity has been making giant strides and as I asserted earlier, it is one of the best thing ever to come out to address current problem of anime industry profitability. The fact that Naruto Shippuden is now available on CR is a very strong endorsement of CR as viable serious idea for international anime market. Their appointment to Tokyo Anime Awards panel of judges is a testament to that.

In near future, fansubbing could be a fond memory/relic of the bygone past.


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