Wednesday, March 25

Live action updates

2 titles add to the roster of ongoing anime adaptations namely Twilight and Mad Max.

Director of previous 3 Mad Max incarnations, George Miller, have indicated that 4th movie will 3D anime style after his works in Happy Feet open the possibilities that he thought can be expanded with new Mad Max storytelling. However he is coy on whether if Mel Gibson will be featured in the 4th movie or not.

Mad Max news

The director of Twlight, possibly playing up hornet's nest to see response, jokingly said there might be an anime adaptation of the story on radio show. Predictably since it is a "hot" teenage angst love movie currently, the response is huge gauging from 300+ articles in Google News on this one.

Twlight trolling?


UPDATE: Yeap, Twlight director dismissed the rumor quickly, saying it is just an off comment.



Czero said...

Shit. For a seconds I tot it's Fallout live action. :x

Stormy001 said...

Fallout is a homage to Mad Max. Check the movies.