Saturday, March 14

Phantom, Requiem for the Phantom HQ Trailer is out

Director: Koichi Mashimo
Series Composition: Yousuke Kuroda
Gen Urobuchi
Hideki Shirane
Noboru Kimura
Tatsuya Takahashi
Yousuke Kuroda
Yukihito Nonaka

Despite Gen Urobochi onboard, I still have bad feeling about this. The Director is the same dude who did disastrous Blade of the Immortal anime despite his earlier work on Irresponsible Captain Tylor series. I love the visual novel but this upcoming anime gives me heebie jeebies, fearing another repeat of awful Phantom of the Inferno OVA.

Only time will tell if my fear is unfounded.

Omi Minami did not reprise her role as Eins anymore, that is sad.

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