Friday, March 6

Rideback and Viper's Creed hilarious comparison

Now can anyone tell me why 2 sympathetic villains from 2 mecha motorbike/mecha sci fi anime looks almost the same?! Both of them even have almost same colour of eyes. Sheer coincidence or something else?

Hmmmm.... First pic is from Rideback, second is from Viper's Creed. LOL

1. Motorbike/mecha
2. Sci Fi
3. Both are terrorist mastermind
4. Like to appear in high places
5. Both have some "noble" goals
6. Charismatic leadership

Wow, just wow. Compare and contrast?

Full review of Viper's Creed here

First impression on Rideback


Anonymous said...

Its hilarious, I watched Rideback first and then as soon as I saw OP for Viper's Creed, I was all...WAIT? IS THAT? HUH? WHAT ANIME AM I WATCHING!!!

Czero said...

same studio?

*lazy to google.

Stormy001 said...


I think Viper's Creed is stealing the ideas from all animes. They possibly the most cliche ridden anime of 2009 so far. Even the baddie character design copied from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig's Kuze.


Nola. Rideback by MADHOUSE and Viper's Creed is by Animax.

Czero said...

..okay, i never knew Animax make anime apart from lamb... /hmm

ueffect said...

Saiki in last couple eps = blind Neo from the third Matrix movie...

Stormy001 said...

Did you see what I see? - episode 1 flashback