Thursday, April 16

John Woo as guest VA in Souten Koro / 蒼天航路

A different interpretation on Romance of 3 Kingdoms anime series, Souten Koro / 蒼天航路 will feature the famous director as one of the voice soon. The particular episode is scheduled around 28th April.

It coincides with screening of Red Cliff 2 in Japan, so it is a form of viral marketing for his movie.

Red Cliff 2 is rather conventional story on Cao Cao as baddie who tried to conquer whole China whereas Souten Koro depicted Cao Cao as benevolent leader who tried to put down disruptive rebellion by Liu Bei and the gang.

Rather interesting juxtaposition.

Personally, I think both views have their merits but Romance of 3 Kingdoms were so shrouded in many mythos that is difficult to divide which one is true and which one is not.

As for Red Cliff 2, the movie tries to too hard to be epic but it kinda overwhelms itself by focusing too much on few individuals in such vast canvas. John Woo can't make up his mind which movie should be, epic or human drama. It is a shame.


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moritheil said...

I don't think genre is necessarily a strict limitation. It's not that a work must be either epic or human drama, but rather, that if you mix two different genres it requires care and discretion. Sometimes it works, and sometimes, as you noted, it really doesn't.

Anyhow, I've already been covering Souten Kouro, so I'll look forward to John Woo's voice acting.

Stormy001 said...

Unfortunately Mr Woo is more talented as kinetic and violent action packed narrative instead of epic visualizer like Peter Jackson. Problem is Red Cliff needed someone like Peter Jackson to bring out the feel which Mr Woo failed to do so.

Hence my snippet on it.

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