Tuesday, April 7

Mandalay Pictures acquire rights to Full Metal Panic

Zac Efron expressed interest in latest adaptation of anime into live action, Full Metal Panic!. Mandalay Pictures announced the acquisition to the famous Japanese mecha//school life series few hours ago. Mandalay Pictures produced few of my favourite movies; Sleepy Hollow and Enemy at the Gates.

No director or anyone else announced for it yet. It is sensible commercial choice, considering it is one of the success story of mainstream anime series in 2000s.

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ferre_kun said...

oh my god...is this for real?
so hollywood haven't got enough trying to mess with anime adaptation?
maybe the live action can be good, but it still will feel different for those who have seen the original..i think lol.
thanks for posting this, i will regularly visit your blog and link interesting news to the forum i'm in ^^

Stormy001 said...

This is what I got from Hollywood Reporter. I included the link below the article.

Thanks for visit. Have a nice day.