Sunday, June 21

801 Tonari Chan "revived" by Yamamoto Yutaka.

Something got my interest today, Yamamoto Yutaka the former Kyoto Animation director picked up "dead" project, 801 Tonari Chan which is canceled few months ago. Interesting, considering the problematic relationship between the director and the famous studio due to Lucky Star direction disagreement. Yamamoto went off directing Kannagi with poached former A class staffers from Kyoto Animation and now he is directing 90 second short for former Kyoto Animation project. Coincidence? I dunno. The chances is too high for mere coincidence. It smells of good human drama here, IMHO.

Kannagi even featured an "anonymous" anime director that indirectly chiding Kyoto Animation. Here is summary of an interview with him in English. This interview also reveals his comments on current impasse of anime industry, he basically felt the anime creativity has stagnant since days of Evangelion of mid 90s. He is talks on why Kannagi is more superior and original than ToraDora! and Index in this interview. Interesting fellow!


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