Thursday, June 4

Darker than Black Season 2


Another sequel on hand! Studio Bones quite good series Darker than Black will have a sequel, having been green lit by studio. I dunno what afflicted Japan lately but seems to me all got bitten by sequel bug. Oh brother. Either they are too scared to make new story or they just want to milk the old ones dry. Or both.

Director for Darker than Black 2 in purportedly leaked Bones document will be Tensai Okamura and manga serializations already released in Young Gangan to promote the series.

As much I welcome the continuation of this one, I becoming quite leery of sequels. I dunno why. Bleh.

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Sarah Specht said...

Well, I can't wait for it!
I felt like the 1st Season had a bad end, so I hope sequel 2 will throw a little light on the whole story.

watnooob said...

Well im ix-static darker than black is wut anime serries have always needed.From obvious everyday situation puns from new digital cable switch over to lol friends of the gate yihova witnesses knocking at youre door annoyingly,&luv the purdnant side glances here &there "verry pretty".Then the NORM wich is so rare in anime is suddenly thrown into the mix with a brilliantly clever fantacy from contractors that have super abillities from funny to awsome &objects that hold special powers.Anyways im just tickled pink,black, by the darker than black serries & would just luv to see the new black reaper in action whom is no longer known as Lee anymor i guess? with an eng. dub version "not kept from the public" "M-E" Darker Than Black is by far!My most verry faveorite anime MORMORMOAR I say a SEASON 3 here here! ha!! ps. excuse my poor spell im kinda dislexic,a bad typer &'d dont posess a super rational contractor like thusouris abillity hu hu.