Tuesday, June 16

K-On! / けいおん! fan's outcry over sudden ending

I couldn't help but LOL at the reaction. Just as I predicted, the series will be only 12-13 eps long due to lack of plot and source material. Reading this on SC however, and I can only shake my head with a smile looking at over reactions. The drug was chopped off and the addicts were howling in pain: This is how I feel like when I reading the outcry. I just hope no one is stupid enough to do something more extreme than this.

Some people I knew celebrating the end of what they perceived as biggest moeshit ever. As for me, I just shrugged my shoulders and move on.

Sankaku Article

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Anonymous said...

I did it all for the kawaii.

Seriously -- it was just freakin' adorable and fun. Not everything has to be War and Peace, ya know?

Stormy001 said...

Yeap, not everything has to be serious business. Hence my neutral opinion on this series if you haven't notice.