Wednesday, August 12

Chinese anime music video; Super VC.

MV version

Story version

Pretty interesting music vid from Chinese rocker band Super VC. All latest Chinese military hardware is on show here and it is very patriotic. Top notch animation too. So yeah, Chinese hate Japanese but still consume the cultural memes from Land of Rising Sun. Heh.


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BlackSun88 said...

wow nv expect chinese anime production has improved so much. i see light in the future of chinese anime :). well, at least im glad that they didnt use other country as the enemy in this mv

Stormy001 said...

Some people told me the enemy is Taiwan but I don't see any of 'em eating beef noodles or Taiwan sausage so it is kinda hard to tell :D

Try google for 2nd Life. It is upcoming anime movie project from China. Same kind of quality.

Anonymous said...

I'd applaud on the animation quality but what I can't accept is somehow an overused Rule Of Cool over here.

No ACVs won't have at least a dent or scratch after being struck by an RPG.

If they can improve on the realism better then it'll be good.

Stormy001 said...

I don't think realism is what they going for here, more like subliminal recruiting video for People Liberation Army.