Sunday, September 20

2001 Nights / 2001夜物語 CG Movies

Fumihiko Sori is doing 2 chapters from famous hardcore sci fi mangas, 2001 Nights penned by Yokino Hoshino back in 80s. The manga feels like a sidestory or supplementary to famous movie by late Stanley Kubrick. There is a rare, VHS/Laserdisc era anime based on 3 chapters of the manga. The books is basically an anthology of short stories on mankind's quest to space, ranging from a heart touching story of US-Soviet leader secret meeting in space station for a peace talk to ease a tense Cold War (remember it is written around 80s) to sad laments of an artificial couple sending human kids on new Earth colony from their starship after years of raising them up.

The website is featuring video comments from Sori, voice actor Jun Fukuyama (Ion), and voice actress Aya Hirano (Arina). Sori is adapting two stories from Yukinobu Hoshino's 2001 Nights manga, "Symbiotic Planet" and "Elliptical Orbit". His story carries 2 facets, either mankind will be ushered into uncertain Space Age or retreated from space and perished on overpopulated Earth later.

Awesome shit, I telling ya. No doubt that I will watch this.

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