Thursday, September 10

Mein Kampf / わが闘争 the manga


I guess it is inevitable since Das Kapital was published last year in manga format hence the direct opposite is just screaming for a manga treatment. Here it is and apparently it sold well in Japan (45,000 copies now). I read it few years ago and it is nothing but anti Semitic ranting and presuppositions based on flimsy, historically selective bias.

I am not impressed with the book but at the time when Germany under heavy boot of economic downturn and hyperinflation, this book sounds like a great messianic salvation for the desperate Germans who wanted easy solution for their woes. Hitler seduced and played with their human weaknesses and strength to be their Fuhrer. Ultimately the Germans paid it with their own blood in Valhalla made by themselves in 1945.

Let me made this clear, I have no intention to purchase this manga. I have enough of Nazism and whatever they represented. It sucked.

Amazon Japan.

Bavarian state reject the plans to reprint it

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