Saturday, October 10

Haruhi Suzumiya the Movie?

Oh man this is rich. After massive fan backlash and expectant poor anime sales due to "Endless Eight" arc of 2nd season of their best milk cow franchise, Kyoto Animation decided to repent by announcing Haruhi the Movie.

It seem like they animating the "Disappearence" arc where Kyon met alternative long hair Haruhi and non-alien Nagato. Other than this, no more information is available so far.

I do not hold my breath for it.

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odzan3 said...

If they animate the Vanishing of haruhi, that would be awesome. It is, to me, a turning point in the series. Less Haruhi, a decent mystery and lots of character development for Yuki Nagato.

Stormy001 said...

From I know, it is definitely on Disappearance arc.