Friday, October 30

Plan 303E Deep Striker Gundam Sentinel

It is always my dream to see this variant of Gundam in action, guess this is closest I can get. It is from Gundam Sentinel, a graphic novel published in early 90s based on events right after or during Gundam Zeta wars. This design is an awesome expression of Gundam firepower with Irish class battleship gun mounted on it. Designed by Katoki Hajime, the guy who designed mechas for Stardust Memory 0083 and Virtual On.

Just look at the design. What a beauty, compared to boring designs from SEED universe.

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Anime Rulezzz said...

This anime is classic, but i don't understand this mecha genre.

Stormy001 said...

Mecha genre is usually an extension of the fans themselves in body form, just like how Disney likes to anthropomorphizing animals to look and act like humans. Like history, we look to familiar human form to celebrate our superiority.

Hope this will clear little bit.

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