Monday, August 23

Autumn 2010 Anime Lineups!

Ah, it is the time of the year again.

My prediction of popular series this time around will be:

1. Index S2
2. My Sister Can't be This Cute
3. Iron Man
4. Star Driver
5. Mirai Nikki

Remains to be seen if I am correct or not. I will watch Iron Man, Star Driver and Mirai Nikki, I do have some expectations from Studio Bone's Star Driver.


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Tuskus said...

Popular series? Probably. The shows that'll actually be good?

1. Star Driver
2. Panty & Stocking
3. Super Robot Wars OG S2
4. You Are Delicious

I would add Panty & Stocking to the shows that'll be popular. If nothing else, it have Gainax's name on it.

Stormy001 said...

Problem is Panty and Stocking looks too eccentric, something people would conceive when they snort enough cocaine and drink silly. But GAINAX is famous for that and as FLCL shows it, it can be done.

It could be the dark horse of upcoming season for sure.

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