Sunday, November 7

Zac Efron as Kaneda in Akira? Really?!

Oh no. According to this website, the dude that once rumored to be Sousoke in Full Metal Panic live action might be possibly casted as famous Kaneda in live action Akira. Talks are still in progress though.

Albert Hughes (Book of Eli) will be directing it. Leo Dicaprio denied any rumors that he might acted as Kaneda in the adaptation.

As expected, it is "Americanized" by setting it in New Manhattan instead of Neo Tokyo in original movie.

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Faults no Faulty said...

Ehh, I'm keeping a very low expectation of the movie, seeing what they did to those recent adaptations (Dragonball wut)

Which reminds me, weren't they talking about adapting Ghost in the Shell in the future as well?

Stormy001 said...

Well, what sparked my hope in live action Akira is I do liked Book of Eli's vision by Hughes. Coupled it is written by a dude who did Children of the Men (excellent sci-fi) and Iron Man.

But with Zac Efron, my blood runs cold, not helping with Warner Bros insisted on PG-13 which will tone down the original vision considerably. Not a good sign.

Steven Spielberg bought the rights for Ghost in the Shell and the project is still ongoing but I heard no updates yet. I do trust Spielberg, I think he might able to create something with the franchise.

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