Wednesday, May 23

Boobies: Reality and Anime Version

Just as described.
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Jeran Wiebke said...

Oh Anime, always over exaggerating on women. Gotta love it

Kate said...

Hmm... Looking at the real life pictures make me feel like I'm a size B but why am I wearing a size A... zzz waah and apparently that's flat chested for Anime ;A;

If you don't mind, please follow me: ^___^

Tamahome No Miko said...

Hahaha!! omg I was about to comment on the post above this but this caught my attention xD!!! this is hillarious!

I love your blog so neat and tidy!

Happy New Year from Tamahome No Miko from ^-^

sachin kashyap said...

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swirlz said...

lol! Anime really love to emphasize body parts, like eyes and breasts. :D