Friday, May 9

Rebooted Fate/Stay Night by ufotable is Coming This Fall.

Yeap, it is confirmed 2014 anime lineup for fall alright. Rebooted Fate/Stay Night with strong rumours it will cover 3rd arc of the VN, Heaven's Feel which I considered as the best story arc of the 3 heroines.

This story focuses on often quiet and gentle Sakura. I believes it will be this route because there is split second shot of Shiro from the back with cloth of Martin wrapped his left arm in 1st trailer.

Anyway, I am looking forward to it. This studio is famous for spot-on and superlative adaptation of TYPE-MOON stories, most fans are clamouring for a reboot of the sub-par Studio Deen TV series in 2006. Looks like we getting our wish.

Okay, for those unable to watch the trailer due to some country bullshit policy, try go to their corporate site:

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