Monday, May 12

Microsoft joins the anime bandwagon

Microsoft Corp. has announced that its digital entertainment brand, Zune, is about to expand beyond music. The Zune device and online network will now include downloads of popular television shows in the content offered for its small screen MP3 players. As well as shows from Comedy Central, MTV, NBC Universal, and Nickelodeon, Zune will include some anime series from FUNimation Entertainment and Starz (which includes Manga Entertainment).

Only a few programs have been announced thus far, as Microsoft struggles to catch up to the wide variety of entertainment offered by its rival, iTunes.
But three anime series were included in the new content mentioned in the initial announcement: FUNimation's Afro Samurai and Witchblade, and Starz' Ghost in the Shell.

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Oooooh, I can hear the Imperial March in background as Microsoft now coming to use anime to assimilate people! Repent all Microsoft haters who liked anime! Repent!

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