Wednesday, May 21

More news on Ghost in the Shell movie.

...Finally, Steven Spielberg has been patiently “circling” Masamune Shirow’s classic Ghost in the Shell as a 3-D live-action feature. DreamWorks owns the rights to the futuristic police thriller and Avi Arad, who has successfully produced the three Spider-Man movies, the three X-Men movies, the two Fantastic Four movies, Iron Man and the upcoming Incredible Hulk, is attached to produce, and Jamie Moss (Street Kings) is reportedly working on the screenplay. No release date is projected yet.

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The list of people involved in the project is very impressive. I hoping for a stellar treatment of the series, considering the big names attached to this work. I willing to wait for years, hoping a proper justice can be done on Ghost in the Shell.

One can hope, wouldn't it?

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