Wednesday, May 21

School Rumble 3rd Term. Or is it?

The promotion for new School Rumble series is up for 3rd time, and considering from the horrendously indecisive manga story....I think the anime can go on forever like Energizer Bunny. Already some fans of the story expressed anger at lack of resolution after such a long run.

The cast promotion of next School Rumble anime, VAs/seiyuus for Tenma (Ami Kozhimizu) and Yakumo (Mamiko Noto).

From what I knew, the love complication is yet to be resolved even at manga's chapter 220. To me that is like stringing along a cash cow as long as possible. Jin Kobayashi who parodied himself in the story as delinquent main character perhaps running of ideas?

The offical site with offical promo trailer for it

I don't really hope too much out of it, I do enjoy early parts but it has become a bit too draggy like Hispanic tele novela.


ken-G said...

Though I never preferred romantic/school comedy animes :) but the promotional trailer was cool :)

Stormy001 said...

Well I do have my reservations but this is one of the most popular titles out there.

However, it getting too draggy to me.