Monday, August 25

Tora Dora/ とらドラ!

Manga version

Novel version

Kadokawa's 2007 Light Novels Awards for Best Romantic Comedy is animated.

Toradora is a typical story of headstrong but cute school girl goes by name of Taiga who is generally feared in her school, however who has feelings for a male student which is good friend of another scary looking student, Ryuji. Something happens in between and now Ryuji has struck a deal with her to woo her best friend whereas he assisting her on her effort to win his best friend's heart.

Manga tries very hard to bring out the cuteness of Taiga, whereas novel is more introspective and examines her internal monologue more than the manga.

Typical trope, tsundere treatment, triangle relationship and sexual tension is all around. And man, Rie Kugiyama is in danger to be typecasted in such narrow roles. Her voice is suitable but I think she is going overboard with this stock "hard outside but soft inside" type of character.

Some promotion of ToraDora! in this year's Comicket; slated release date is around October this year.

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