Saturday, January 17

South Korea versus Hetalia Axis Powers

the trailer

the Korean news on it.

In massive outcry led by netizens of South Korea, a nationwide strike to cancel broadcast of new anime, Hetalia Axis Powers, a cynical satirical look of nations morphed into mostly male humans situated in both world wars. Despite an assurance from network that the Korean character is not present in the series, the petition still going strong even reaching highest level (National Assembly) in nation which denounced the series as discriminating against Koreans.

As it is now, the show was canceled broadcast in the aggrieved nation, but I felt it would have reverse effect as DVD sales will skyrocket in South Korea due to curiosity factor alone. It is a free publicity for the series in massive way. This is what the protesters miss.

The discussion of the said series in highest South Korean assembly.

Personally I share with many people that this is an attack on freedom of expression on ridiculous level. I don't see the series itself is a problem as 20 over nations depicted in the series did not raise as much a a heckle but only Korean seems to take it a bit too seriously. What gives?

The only explanation that I can think of is Koreans in large still feel the sting of Japanese attempt to destroy their nation down to root level. From time of massive Toyotomi Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea in 1500s to World War 2 ruthless colonization which saw the extinction of Korean royal family by Japanese overlords. Not to mention intricate historical crimes like comfort women issue, refusal by Japanese royal family to issue formal apology for war crimes and current island disputes. Plus Koreans were seen as second rate by Japanese despite the K-Wave led by famous dramas like Winter Sonata lately.

It would seem Hetalia Axis Power is a new victim of the uneasy dispute between both nations.



Anonymous said...

Thank yoy very much for picking up this news.

Appreciate if you could view the site below and spread the double standard that KOREA netizens follow:

Stormy001 said...

Already done. Thanks for the link.