Saturday, January 17

Spike Spiegel and Keanu Reeves

Despite of general negative reaction to the development, personally I felt he can pull it off. Spike is easily most popular male character in anime history hence the feedback bound to be negative from anime fans but Mr Reeves do have affinity for certain stock of characters. Spike is one of those anti hero rogue types in space noir setting which Keanu can act it out. The only problem is, Spike is a very dynamic martial artist based on Bruce lee and judging from Reeves martial arts in Matrix saga, it is a bit problematic.

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My summary is; give them chance then judge it. Pre-judgment is not very smart in my humble opinion.


Otaku Network said...
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Otaku Network said...

I would argue that Spike isn't one of the most beloved characters in anime, but rather the character he is modeled after, Lupin, is. Personally my problem with Reeves playing spike is his lack of personality, most, if not all of his characters lack anything to differentiate themselves. The only character that I can think of that had a notable personality would be from the Bill and Ted movies, otherwise they are emotionless drones or the most part. Spike is a very charismatic and likable character where Reeves tends to be less exciting than a cardboard box. Only seeing the movie will tell if he can pull of Spike to the expected level of what everyone is used to.

Stormy001 said...

I would agree that Reeves is bit stiff but I still sticking to my guns that we should see the show before we judge it.

BTW, want to exchange links?

Otaku Network said...

I am very interested in seeing the movie, i think the only thing that would keep from doing it would be if the cast Jolie as Faye.
I have no problem exchanging links...not sure how to do that beyond subscribing to each others sites though.

davy said...

i agree reeves is somewhat stiff. most of his roles seem like he's playing the same exact person over and over again. but there some expections, bill and ted is one, and i think his role in point break stands out a bit.
i think it's also that alot of his roles on paper are already similar. the reserved hero.
but i think there's a chance he can pull off a good spike. when i watched cowboy bebop for the first time i noticed that spike reminded me of keanu, based on just looks though.
and from what i've read online keanu reeves is a big fan of the show and he was the driving force in getting the live action movie into production. that said i think he knows this character well and i think he's gonna give it his all and he may surprise people with a good spike.
also thinking that christina ricci would be a ideal faye. but would she want to do another live action anime movie after speed racer. vin diesel would be a good jet but he might to "big" for the role. so they should go with unknowns for the ed and jet roles.