Sunday, March 29

Cat Shit One updates

Hiroshi Tsuchiya
will be voicing Packy whereas Satoshi Hino is doing Botasky in CG anime series, "Cat Shit One".

Official site is open here.


English subbed trailer.
The series will be on air in 2010 according to the website.

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lumpy said...

Thanks for keeping up with this. I can't wait to see it!

Stormy001 said...

You're welcome.

lumpy said...

Do you speak/read Japanese? I did a translation of this when it first came out, and there are some differences with the subtitles. So I have two questions.

When Botasky shoots his first bad guy, what does he say? I think it's 「多くの血だ!なかなかつたえるだろう!」and so 'that's a lot of blood' for the first phrase but I have no idea about the second phrase. 伝える?撃ってる? Any thoughts?

Also, toward the end the words 「かわいい顔して容赦ねえ」appear, which the subtitles have as "Don't go easy on them, just 'cause they're cute." But the 'don't' doesn't seem to be there unless the 'nee' is it, maybe as a form of 'na' (するな). I thought it was something like "So cute they can get away with it" or "With such cute faces you'll forgive them." Any thoughts on that?


Stormy001 said...

This trailer subtitling is slightly erroneous, Botasky line is along the lines of "My gun is useful to my friends, yes?" if my rusty Japanese serves me right.

Actually I thought it is your line is more accurate. But the meaning is still there in general principle, I suppose.