Wednesday, April 22

Anime industry need to adapt a recession mode

This lady speak very wise words, I agreed with her that simulcast streaming, faster publishing and low cost DVD boxset is what industry needs in order to weather this recession that looming all over the world despite some positive spurts.

She nails exactly why it is a waste of effort and money to issue Cease and Desist letters to amorphous fansubbers, these resources can be channeled into getting the shows as fast as possible and cheaper offers to entice customers to buy original or marketing as the situation did not look good for the economy now.

Either industry adapt or they will die horrible, slow death like we see ADV USA (fans favourite one off comment on ADV is "Where is my Gunslinger Girl?!) now or GONZO (which recently received a very big blow as they were dropped from making of Strike Witches Season 2).


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