Sunday, August 9

Shakugan no Shana S OAD/OVA updates


Apparently I erred big time and there is no 3rd season of Shakugan no Shana series on this October. 4 episodes with 30 mins each is announced here ; Vol 1 is on Oct 2009, 2nd on Feb 2010, 3rd will be on Mac 2010 and final one is Aug 2010.

Reason why I waited so long because I thought they will be announcement on the 3rd TV series after the OVA/OAD but I guess the speculation is dead with no follow up announcement. It seems that these OVA/OAD will serve as sidestories to expand on characters such as Sabrac. Titles were:

1. Reshuffle (Body & Mind)
2. Zoetrope (Western Mirror)
3. Ceremony (Ceremony)
4. Domicile (Home/Address)

In good old fashion, my deep apologies.

Trailer here

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AnimeFreak said...

wait,theres no 3rd season of Shakugan no shana?..

Stormy001 said...

Not yet, the director was quoted that he wants to expand on sidestories first before he goes into final season of Shana.

AnimeFreak said...

oh,i can't wait for it XD

brendan said...

U mean there is OVAs before the season 3 begins?

Stormy001 said...

Yes, the OVA will come 1st. No news on Season 3 yet.

Shana said...

AWESOME!! an OAV before the real thing! YAY

Fullmetal9376 said...

WAIT! Season three is going to be the final season? I hope not I really love the characters especially shana she's so cute

Fullmetal9376 said...

Wait the third season is supposed to be the last? Why and source? I really hope it isn't I love this show the characters are amazing especially shana she is sooo cute