Sunday, August 9

A very unique mahjong anime announced, ムダヅモ無き改革 or Legend of Koizumi

Erm yeah,

Mudazumo naki kaikaku / ムダヅモ無き改革 or Legend of Koizumi, a satire manga about global top leaders playing mahjong to shape the destiny of geopolitics is getting anime treatment soon. So, we have tenpa moe Saki (fan service school girls in short skirts) and now we have errr...macho gar real life politicians with cool hair in mahjong genre.

From what I know so far, the latest arc now involves Ukranian PM Tymoshenko, Pope, Koizumi, Putin and Bush Snr playing all stakes high game to prevent global domination by resurgent Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts who build a base on moon. Yeah baby, whatever the mangaka (Hideki Owada) is smoking, I want some too.

That's pretty trippy and I still in daze hearing this. I waiting for Obama to show up, showing some cool mahjong moves. Or maybe in local patriotism, my country's PM Najib show up but that will be strange since Muslims are not allowed to gamble.

It is not known if there is going to be OAD or movie or series. Whatever it is, I wonder if the political backlash will be as severe as Hetalia-Korea affair or worse since they involve real life current political leaders. And yeah, I am still in shock and awe about this development. More pictures and detail can be seen here.

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Anamae said...

This sounds interesting, will definitely watch out for its release.

سإيجي said...

now dat's new..^^

Stormy001 said...

I dunno if I can call it "interesting" but certainly it will very trippy anime to watch since Dogtato, the Potato Dog shorts. The animators must be smoking bongs too to make the anime of this. Good ol' Japan.

سإيجي said...

i wonder if PM Najib is included..

Anamae said...

An anime with Bush Sr and Hitler ...

a word best fitting for that falls out of my grasp.