Monday, November 23

Zac Efron in US version of Death Note?

The current heart throb actor who is rumored to be in Full Metal Panic! live action movie (Mandalay Pictures) also in talks for Death Note live action. However he did not really confirm anything concrete on these 2, and he dismissed Full Metal Panic! role as "unlikely". So far there is not much news on Full Metal Panic! (most likely still in plan), however I do feel that Death Note has more possibility to be adapted for silver screen treatment. After all, it is already have 2 Japanese live action movies and it is highly popular in US too. Plus, it did not require a lot of special effects too unlike Full Metal Panic!.


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redrover said...

if zac efron ever has any role in any anime, i will have officially lost what little faith i have in the human race

Stormy001 said...

he is a bankable star and anime/movie is all about money in the end.

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