Thursday, July 27

Kill Bill Prequels

Kill Bill anime prequels?

CALIFORNIA (KP International) – Quentin Tarantino recently revealed a keen interest in continuing the samurai-swashbuckling action saga Kill Bill. This time, he's thinking prequels and anime.

While at the Comic-Con in San Diego to promote his new horror flick Grind House with cowriter/director/producer Robert Rodriguez (of Sin City and From Dusk Till Dawn fame), the Pulp Fiction director strayed from topic.

According to TMZ, Tarantino said one prequel would explore Bill's past, including his encounters with Pai Mei, Esteban Vihaio and Hattori Hanzo. The other would follow Beatrice before she became The Bride and probably her time working for Bill as an assassin.

Rather than returning to the format laid out in Vol. I and II, this time Tarantino is said to be interested in anime-style (much like how O-Ren Ishii's bloody childhood section was shown).

The site warns, however, that Tarantino sometimes jumps the gun and movies he speaks about can take a long time to come to life, if they do at all.


Wohoo! I am excited! I liked Kill Bill movies and this is good news indeed.