Monday, December 11


One of the my top favourite mecha design, this anime fell short of my hope that it will be pure political thriller with mecha twist when they using some Shinto mumbo jumbo with reborn theme of lovers thru out time.

Why they can't just stick to simplistic mecha story with good political game? This anime is quite old, about 7 years.

The mecha known as Raideen (Lightning Thunder), built by Japanese Self Defense Force as primary combat general purpose mecha system. The control is closest we can get for realistic mecha operations, incorporating voice activation and F-16 like joystick with close ground support supervision.

Someone said on Starship Modeler forum, if IDF have mechas, this how it will look like.

Malaysia Borders Bookstore Manga Club

Love reading manga? Why not curl up in a comfortable chair and discuss it with likeminded people at a bookstore? ELIZABETH TAI finds out about Borders’ Manga Book Club.

IMAGINE being able to discuss a manga and make friends at the same time in the comfort of a bookstore. If you fancy this, you’d be glad to know that Borders bookstores will be launching a Manga Book Club this month where you can do exactly that.

Full article is here.

Man, I have a good reason to go back to Malaysia now. Nothing beats the joy of hearing reading and sit around with like minded people. It is about time anyway, since manga has quite a following in Malaysia with long affinity with comics as one of the genre. I still remember the old days of localized Malay comic books which quite vibrant and Chinese Jade Man comics, selling in some smelly cheap corner store owned by an Indian. Those were nostaligic days.

Good days are surely nice to remember.