Friday, April 1

Cliche, cliche and more cliches....

Well, I am kinda bored so I check out the last episode of Infinite Stratos just for the heck of it and I was vindicated as to how clichéd this series was. I was told the light novel is better so I might go and have a look but I not holding any hopes for it. Well this harem looks like bloody G-9 meeting, all girls came from richest country in the world to dote on one "manly" Japanese dude who as usual, indecisive on which chick he wants to bang.

Ah well, the IS looks "Gundamish" but I don't dig the design, it exposed the pilot too much. And the amount of Gs they pull while they do those tight Angle of Attack and turns, I am amazed that they still in one piece, not puking their insides out. And according to what I see from this episode, the drone IS should have won since it is not limited by human factor. And bright colour schemes screaming for attention. I wonder if this supposed to be military machines or....?

And characters, oh man, this is rich. The author just picked all cardboard stock characters from many, many harem anime and repackage it into this story. The only difference is the nationality of the girls. I do wonder if Japanese international relations bias play any role in characterization of the girls here. Interestingly, no American girl here. I bet she will appear in future season with cowgirl theme and likes to use lots of guns. Hehe.

For those who look for mainstream mecha anime with harem appeal, this is pretty much the current choice.

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