Sunday, March 16

Stellvia of the Universe PS2 game endings

Hmmmm, bumming around Youtube and found these gems. This are endings from PS 2 version of Stellvia story, quite similar to Tokimeki Memorial.

Bad END.....

Shima's ending....

Arisa's ending

Akira's ending

Yayoi's ending

Rina's ending

Ren's ending

Najima's ending

Ayaka's ending

Reira's ending

Enjoy, for there will be no 2nd season of this well directed anime.

Cool Japan campaign.

Japan's new ambassador: a cartoon cat

TOKYO (AFP) — Japan's newest ambassador might be among the most listened to in the diplomatic corps, even if he has no ears himself.

The foreign ministry announced Friday it was appointing the cartoon cat Doraemon as the nation's first "anime ambassador," in Japan's latest effort to promote its soft power through its animation industry.

Doraemon -- or at least a person dressed as the earless, blue-and-white cat -- will receive his official assignment letter from Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura in a ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, officials said.

The character will appear in films to be shown in Japanese missions overseas, talking about the country's lifestyle and customs.

"By appointing Doraemon, we hope people in other countries will understand Japanese anime better and deepen their interest in Japanese culture," said Yuko Hotta, a foreign ministry official.

Created by a cartoonist under the penname Fujiko F. Fujio, Doraemon is the main character in an animation series that is among the most popular in Japan and widely known in much of Asia.

The friendly cat travels back to the present from the 22nd century to help out a schoolboy by lending an "anywhere door," which allows people to travel wherever they please.

The government has been trying to turn growing worldwide interest in its anime cartoons, manga comics and cuisine into political capital with a campaign promoting "Cool Japan."

Last year, Japan launched the International Manga Award for foreign artists. The first winner was Hong Kong's Lee Chi Ching.


This would confirm and follow up to Taro Aso's campaign to promote Japan using anime, as outlined in earlier post here.


This anime does caught my eye and I will make detailed discussion on it soon. However, the op song really reminds me of another ALI project work on Rozen Maiden.

The trailer looks very somber indeed.

The ending looks a bit uninspired though.