Thursday, June 19

Kannagi and Haruhi Season 2

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2 big news and related. How? Keyword: Kyoto Animation.

Regarding about sequel to Haruhi....

Not too sure if it will be as good as S1, since the original crew of Kyoto Animation split with the studio to do Kannagi. The original director of Haruhi fired by studio for Lucky Star fiasco (remember the coronet scene in episode 1?) and he drag some of the best crew from Kyoto Animation ever had that partnered with him during making of Haruhi in 2006.

I don't think the studio will able to bring back the magic of S1 for this. Already changing of name is an ominous sign. It sounds like the creative team having problems to present the material as fresh as first season. The arc though seems to center on disappearence of Haruhi and Nagato as normal girl story arc.

Be prepared that this Haruhi can turn into lemon. Kannagi's official website

Kannagi is story about a local deity comes to live with a boy's touch and she tries to moves around in modern world where she is not revered as a goddess anymore. Hijinks, comedy and growing up sexual frustation abounds in this story. However it does have clean art and charming scenes.

Below is the link that director, Yamamoto Yutaka's side on story on how he got cashiered out by the famous studio.
Radio Kannagi
His dossier in ANN

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